Neocities Reflection


Neocities should be the social network standard.

Why? For the simple fact that you show something about yourself, either in the design you give it, its organization or the purpose of the page.

This social network is more authentic, because of the freedom it gives you (not only of expression, but also of design) it is not like the other social networks that you must show how grandiloquent your life is and if you share some information/recommendation/thought, very few people are going to see you (unless you have said something controversial or fashionable, but this has more objective to attract followers than to inform).

No matter what you mean, a lot of people are interested in that, whether it's sharing a little about yourself and your life or someone who shares research on programs that may be spyware or someone who makes your page like a house. I could give more examples, but I think I've already explained my point.

It's the definition of the information age, we all share information to a greater or lesser extent ALL , most of those who have a website is because they like to do it amuses and even relaxes you. You can say the same of Facebook, that if it keeps you entertained, but what do you share? Pictures of your "successful" life to family/friends, or also Twitter, when you think something, instead of chatting with you and debating ideas they insult you and tell you that you are wrong because you are against "insert any ideology".

The only disadvantage of this is that only a few people know about it, most are technology fans (I include myself). But this can be solved gradually if they recommend the platform itself.

This network has almost infinite possibilities.